Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2007

Book summary 77-114

While Will and Evanlyn were still stuck at the small island. His best friend Horace and his Mentor Halt who was send in exile where on their way to Skandia to rescue Will and Evanlyn. On their way to Skandia they had to fight knight who thought that they can just stand in front of the brigde demand money in order to let them through. Halt could easily send an arrow through the visor, but his young companion was teached in the rules of chivalry and was a really good swordsmen too. The fight if you can call it a fight lastet no more than a few seconds Horace noted before that the knight he was up against is not very skilled. Helplessly on the ground the knight was doomed with no one helping him up. Halt told him that they are going to take everything from him and that he will never duell again.

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