Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2007

Book summary 77-114

While Will and Evanlyn were still stuck at the small island. His best friend Horace and his Mentor Halt who was send in exile where on their way to Skandia to rescue Will and Evanlyn. On their way to Skandia they had to fight knight who thought that they can just stand in front of the brigde demand money in order to let them through. Halt could easily send an arrow through the visor, but his young companion was teached in the rules of chivalry and was a really good swordsmen too. The fight if you can call it a fight lastet no more than a few seconds Horace noted before that the knight he was up against is not very skilled. Helplessly on the ground the knight was doomed with no one helping him up. Halt told him that they are going to take everything from him and that he will never duell again.

Mittwoch, 28. November 2007

Book summary 39 - 76

While Will and Avanlyn were hold hostage by the Skandians his best friend and mentor Halt was on his way to rescue his young apprentice from the Skandians. Halt was on his way when his Ranger horse sensed a stranger just 50 feet away. It turned out that the stranger was Horace Wills friend since childhood. Of course Halt was happy about everyone joyning him on his long and dangerous journey and he thought that Horace's sword might get handy. Meanwhile Will was running a lap to keep himself in shape, but he was watched by the Skandian jarl Erak. Erak still thinks there is something wrong with the young apprentice so he keeps an eye on him. Evanlyn doesnt think that Will should keep working out because they are on an island and there is no way to escape.

Samstag, 24. November 2007

see no evil book summary 136 - 180

In his new mission baer was sent to russia where his friend yuri woke him up early in the morning to tell him that he got mail from washington. Infront of his appartment five russion military trucks were waiting at the irqui barrack were they were checked by soldiers and then led inside. Meanwhil washington got a message by a general that saddam is preparing something of big importance.

see no evil book summary 91 - 135

Back in washington Baers boss has to make a decision they believe that Mughniya took agents hostag and is going to kill them if he doesnt get what he is asking for. Now Baers boss is asking robert what he thinks about it. Baer is saying that the most precious thing in Mughniyas life is his family and he says if you want to effect Mughniya is to take his family. A week later he was sent back to washington to study some new information they gathered over the last week. At the same day he went to a meeting discussing the situation and their new plan.

see no evil book summary 46-90

Robert baer was in India when a mini van dropped of a field agent, but the enemy saw it as well. Two days later Baer was introduced to a Arab military officer. Baer was speculating to kill the officer and get ride of him now. Meanwhile some other CIA agents took ground samples of the land aroung them. After three years of service for the CIA he finished his apprenticship with skills and new tools.

Freitag, 9. November 2007

Outside reading book discription

My books name is "Ranger's Apprentice"
The book was first published in Australia in 2006 then in the Us in 2007.
The book I chose is a fiction book.
My book has 266 pages.
I think this book is challenging for high school students, because the auther writes it in more high school english not for little kids.
The reason why I chose this book is because I read the firts two books and I couldnt stop reading them so I baught the third and now I am waiting for the fourth.

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2007

Post 2 (the sea inside)

I think one similarity was that both were unable to move theire body. The one main difference was that ramon didnt see a purpose in his life anymore not like bauby his purpose for him was to finish the book. I think the more powerfull book was the diving bell because bauby never gave up