Mittwoch, 28. November 2007

Book summary 39 - 76

While Will and Avanlyn were hold hostage by the Skandians his best friend and mentor Halt was on his way to rescue his young apprentice from the Skandians. Halt was on his way when his Ranger horse sensed a stranger just 50 feet away. It turned out that the stranger was Horace Wills friend since childhood. Of course Halt was happy about everyone joyning him on his long and dangerous journey and he thought that Horace's sword might get handy. Meanwhile Will was running a lap to keep himself in shape, but he was watched by the Skandian jarl Erak. Erak still thinks there is something wrong with the young apprentice so he keeps an eye on him. Evanlyn doesnt think that Will should keep working out because they are on an island and there is no way to escape.

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